Production Services

Nepal Fixers services include every essential element for filming in Nepal. Firstly, we start by arranging for all the necessary film permits so your team is not stuck with paperwork. Secondly, we organize equipment rental, including arrangements for special gear. And, of course, we offer you this and more in our production assistance package.

Production Assistance in Nepal

The services of Nepal Fixers cover all the bases for filming in Nepal. Our team for production assistance in Nepal offers:

  • Initial research & fact-checking
  • Film permits, paperwork & local access
  • Gear rental offers
  • Film location scouting
  • Film crew & local contributor sourcing
  • Logistics, including transportation & accommodation
  • Production support for foreign journalists & filmmakers

A foreign production company will marvel at what Nepal has to offer for cinematic purposes. But also at the paperwork and logistics involved. This is the side of film production that Nepal Fixers excels in. By working with us, you can focus on taking in all the unique sites while we are active behind the scenes.

We are part of Storytailors, an international service production company stretching across the globe.

From the most complicated action shoots to documenting sensitive topics, we know how to make it happen. With our production assistance in Nepal, your production to-do list gets checked off one by one. Get in touch to find out more.

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