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Nepal Fixers is ready to explore the snow-capped peaks and lush valleys with you and your production team. We are by your side with everything you may need for filming in Nepal. 

Seek out the spirituality of the Terai and Mahabharat Range connecting Kathmandu and Pokhara. Witness one of the last populations of the royal Bengal tiger in Bardia National Park. Reach new heights in the fabled Himalayas. Nepal is an unforgettable land and a wondrous location for film production professionals.

Our location scout haFilming in Nepals the local knowledge for finding the perfect backdrop for your scenes. Nepal’s landscape is incredibly varied, offering your Director of Photography endless choice. Nepal is a true treat for both commercial branding content and documentary-making.

All of the world’s cameras turned to Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. Today, let’s shine a light on brighter stories. Nepal’s history and cultural context are filled with stories worth telling. Get to the very core of these stories with our journalist fixer. You can rely on our local team for fact-checking, pre-research, and connections to valuable sources.

Our local team of fixers and film production professionals is ready to assist you during every stage of production, with both the big things and the small things. From acquiring a film permit to location scouting and arranging for transportation – Nepal Fixers covers it all.

The Benefits of Working with a Nepal Fixers

For all that its natural landscape has to offer, the film industry in Nepal is not as advanced. However, that does not mean that Nepal Fixers cannot solve the production challenges that may arise. Our production fixers are your on-the-ground problem solvers that can handle both little fires and big flames.

Working with our film fixer in Nepal means that everything is arranged for. We deliver the right paperwork, crew, equipment, and everything else you may need for filming in Nepal. While you take in the majesty of the Himalaya mountains, we handle the logistics.

Nepal FixersMost basic filming equipment is available locally but more specialized gear will have to be brought in from neighboring India, the home of Bollywood. This may sound complicated, but Nepal Fixers handles the customs clearance and delivery. All you need to do is provide us with a list of the necessary equipment rental.

Our production assistance team will also organize the local production team. If you need extra cameramen, sound technicians, or a hair and make-up department, let us know. Supplementing your team with a local crew makes sense from a financial standpoint when filming in Nepal. Feel confident that each crew member has been vetted by Nepal Fixers.

September and March are busy months for a film fixer in Nepal. Crews from all around the world come to cover Holi, the festival of color, and Tihar, the festival of lights. Nepal Fixers makes sure that you capture unique footage, setting your production apart from the rest.


Filming In Nepal With Us

Doctor Strange and Everest, two films set in Nepal, are watched around the world. The country’s mystical essence is beautifully captured and you can do the same with Nepal Fixers. 

Our local location scout knows which places translate beautifully on screen. Nepal’s landscape variety is incredibly rich, with many extremes within a small area. You find yourself overlooking the world along the Annapurna circuit, a gateway to the Himalayas. In the south, you are surrounded by a landscape that is the complete opposite. There is the lush jungle green of Chitwan National Park and far-reaching low land plains. For cityscapes, Nepal Fixers guides you through the many hidden alleys of Kathmandu. Nepal film permits

The big differences in landscape can be a logistical challenge when filming in Nepal. This is especially true when you are filming at a less accessible location at high elevations. Simply arranging efficient and safe transportation is an entire job in itself. A job that we do well.

With the right film permit, you can collect endless hours of useful b-roll on top of your main content. Wherever you want to film, our local fixer makes sure that the right paperwork is in your hands. Most international productions will be assigned a liaison officer by the Ministry of Communication. You can trust that our fixer makes sure both you and the officials are happy.

In short, you can expect full production assistance from us. From mesmerizing locations to a highly capable crew, we ensure you get a complete service.

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