Filming in Nepal

There are many mysteries in Nepal. Mysteries that elevate the viewing experience of filming in Nepal. What should not be a mystery is the film production itself. You need a production fixer in Nepal that carefully guides you through each step. That is exactly what we do.

When filming in Nepal with us you don’t have to stress. Our local fixer handles all the organizational requirements that come with overseas production. From film permits to location scouting and complete production assistance – we cover everything you need for a successful shoot.

Production Assistance and Access for Filming in Nepal

Nepal Fixers is your gateway to filming in Nepal. We provide full production assistance that meets all your film-making needs. 

Depending on where you are filming in Nepal, getting all the necessities on-site can be quite an undertaking. For example, how do you film the trek over the Thorong La Pass without actually making the 10-day trek? How do you catch a glimpse of a wild Bengali tiger without patiently and quietly waiting in the jungle for days? 

Similarly, there is a delicate balance for respectful filming at religious sites. This is the land of stupas, temples, and Buddhist monasteries. Religion is intertwined into daily lives and should not be commercialized. With our local knowledge, we can guide you on how to capture the beauty of spiritual Nepal without compromising local traditions and beliefs.

Nepal’s nature and culture offer breathtaking scenes but without local knowledge, it is difficult to get the desired footage. What you need is our production assistance. Our location manager finds the hidden gems while our local fixer ensures everything is ready for a day of filming. 

Getting Film Permits in Nepal

There are several types of film permits in Nepal, each given by a different authority. Does this sound like the start of a bureaucratic nightmare for your production? No need to stress, our local fixer knows the ins-and-outs of this multi-layered system.

When filming in Nepal you first need visas for you and your crew. In most cases, a visa on arrival is sufficient but this will be verified by our local fixer. Your production then needs a National Film Permit, a general permit for filming in public areas issued by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

It does not stop there, however. You need additional permits depending on the type of location. For example, you need a special permit for heritage areas like Swayambhunath and palace Hanuman Dhoka but also to gain approval from the site board. There are also several qualifications for aerial filming, filming at elevation, and special customs clearance for video equipment.

In short, there are many layers to getting the right film permits for Nepal. It involves several different authorities and supervising bodies, each with their demands. When working with Nepal Fixers you do not have to learn the intricacies of this system. All you have to do is communicate your itinerary to us and we will organize the paperwork.

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives for Filming in Nepal

Currently, there are no tax rebates or cash incentives for filming in Nepal. Depending on the type of production and the locations you wish to shoot at, filming in Nepal is not expensive.

The more urban areas such as Kathmandu and Pokhara are easily accessible. It is not difficult to find affordable equipment rental, sets, and capable crew. Your production company will also be taken good care of in terms of hotels, transportation, and catering.

Often, productions require specialized video equipment or specialized crew which is not available in Nepal. We have inside knowledge over clearance, talent, and taxes. You can trust that the behind-the-scenes elements are taken care of with us.

Filming at elevation, aerial filming, and filming at heritage sites is where things get more complicated. For difficult to access locations there are significant costs for logistics and safety. Mountain vista views look amazing in a commercial or brand content but getting the entire production company, crew, and equipment up there is not easy.

These are production challenges specific to Nepal. Make a wise choice and work with a local production fixer like Nepal Fixers. We have the network, experience, and problem-solving attitude to make difficult shoots easier.

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