Film Permits & Locations

Nepal filming locations bring your narrative to life. There are so much color and vibrancy in Nepal that translates beautifully on video. But how do you find these gems while you are still abroad? Our location scout is your liaison for finding Nepal’s magical places. During the pre-production phase, we roam the country in search of the perfect backdrop for your scenes. By working with us, you receive a fully detailed itinerary which is necessary for the film permits. We are the local production partner you want to work with.

Nepal Filming Locations – Himalaya

Nepal is synonymous with the Himalayas. It is only natural that they are one of the most coveted Nepal filming locations. The iconic snowcapped peaks, crystal clear lakes, and endless views – it is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. For all its splendor, filming in Himalaya is not simple. You will need full production assistance to make it happen. Many of the best vantage points are difficult to reach and so require careful logistical planning.

Knowledge of weather patterns is also vital to avoid days sitting still, waiting for the mist to clear. Another complicated but essential element is film permits. Permits for filming at elevation are stricter because of the safety issues. There are also additional permits required for the many heritage sites and national parks spread across this vast mountain landscape.  A production in the Himalayas will be an unforgettable experience. Nepal Fixers makes sure you will remember with good memories.

nepal filming locations himalaya

Nepal Filming Locations – Kathmandu

Kathmandu is like Pandora’s Box. You never know what you will uncover with every alley that you walk through. Filming in Kathmandu is ideal for when you want a feeling of mystery in your film piece.  There is also plenty of variety in Nepal filming locations just in this single city. See the stark contrast between the perfectly manicured Garden of Dreams and the organized chaos of Asan Tole and its countless vendors. Admire the intricacies of Durbar Square or the stark white walls of Hanuman Dhoka. Film permits in Nepal are not a simple system and this will become apparent in productions in Kathmandu. Gaining access for filming to its tourist attractions and heritage sites requires careful coordination with several parties. Nepal Fixers is perfectly familiar with this system and works it in your favor.

nepal filming locations kathmandu

Nepal Filming Locations – Terai

To find nature in Nepal filming locations, visit the southern region of Terai. This region attracts the most tourists but the national parks and local towns have managed to still stay quaint. The principal road between Pokhara and Kathmandu runs through this landscape. A succession of winding roads, steep falls, and varying quality of tarmac. This full-day drive alone is a memorable experience for your production company. When covering Buddhism, your production company will want to visit Terai. This is where you find Lumbini and Maya Devi temple, the birthplace of the Buddha. You will want to work closely with our location scout to get the film permits for this historic site. The cultural connection with Buddhism is also exemplified in the Terai. This is where you find Buddhist temples and monasteries from many different countries, including the Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery and the Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery.

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Nepal Filming Locations – Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is home to the Royal Bengal tiger, rhinos, elephants, and a long list of endangered bird species. Thanks to its massive size, nearly 1000 kilometers, much of the habitat is left pristine. It truly belongs to the top Nepal filming locations. Our film fixer in Nepal will coordinate your nature documentary, travel show, or commercial production. Nepal Fixers will arrange for the right film permits for filming in a protected nature area. Our location scout manager will liaise with the park’s rangers to pinpoint where there is the best chance of spotting animals. The African continent is not the only place where you can go for a safari, as Bardia National Park proves. In fact, with fewer tourists, you can document the wildlife with less disturbance. Showcase the wonderful wildlife Nepal has to offer, something that is often forgotten in international cinema.

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